The Bucket List

So, this is a bucket list I wrote in 2015. Many of these things have been on my mental list for more than 5-10 years, so getting them written down is a good start. They are written down stream-of-consciousness style, and in no particular order. Hopefully I can mark several several more off the list by the end of 2016.

2015 Bucket List

1 Build up savings for six months of living expenses.
2 Sell the Grand House.
3 Send a handwritten card/letter to my husband every week for 1 year.
4 Run a 5-K.
5 Learn ASL, again, and use it regularly.
6 Take a camping trip with friends.
7 Take a dance class.
8 Write my will.
9 Take a vacation to Boston.
10 Lose 100 pounds.
11 Finally write that book I’ve started a 10 times.
12 Learn to play guitar.
13 Spend Thanksgiving or Christmas at a cabin with the family.
14 Send a handwritten card/letter to my daughter every week for 1 year.
15 Buy a guitar.
16 Release a paper lantern.
17 Layout and watch the stars.
18 Shave my head.
19 Donate my hair.
20 Go to the Texas State Fair.
21 Go for a midnight walk.
22 Visit the Pacific Northwest for a week.
23 Kiss in the rain.
24 Take a road trip just for fun.
25 Stay at a B&B.
26 Host a quarterly craft party.
27 Let my daughter choose my outfits for a week.
28 Go make-up free for a month.
29 Start a blog and maintain it regularly.
30 Dance in the rain.
31 Build a patio.
32 Sell some art.
33 See the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)
34 Buy a new car.

Stay tuned for the next post where I update you on several of these that have already happened.



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