Looking Forward: Making a Bucket List

So, this weekend I decided it was time for me to make a REAL BUCKET LIST(excuse the joyous shouting, I’ve been trying to make this list for the last 10 years!) of things I’d like to learn or accomplish in the next few years. I know there are numerous blog posts out there about making a list, and of course I’ve seen the movie.

Everyone’s list is a little different, many are quite similar, but the most important thing is it needs to be YOURS!  Don’t just copy a list from someone else. Really sit down to think about what you want to accomplish in a given time period. For some, a bucket list is a lifelong wishlist of places to travel and things to see. For others it is a way to finish some big tasks in a short amount of time. For me, it’s about setting a time frame, a goal, and giving myself permission to dream while not worrying about the end result.  It’s about my journey.  It’s okay if I don’t finish all the tasks. It’s about my journey. It is okay for me if I start and quit. It’s about my journey. It is okay if I don’t get them all done on time. It’s about my journey.

In any case, you don’t really need instructions, but here are the criteria I used to make my list;

  • Can I manage this task in the next 7 years?
  • Will it be a growth opportunity?
  • Will I or those around me benefit from it? If so, how? If not, why?
  • Will it be worthwhile? Is it something I want badly enough to devote time to it’s undertaking?
  • Does the thought of it make me smile? If not, why is it important?

Stay tuned…next up, the list!



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